Mid-Week Poll

So this week I’m wondering:  How often do you use the yarn prescribed in the pattern?  For the purposes of this question I am ignoring colors and just enquiring about the line of yarn.  (e.g. If the pattern calls for Cascade 220 in green and you use Cascade 220 in orange, it counts as the same yarn, but if it calls for Cascade 220 in green and you use Wool of the Andes in green, it counts as a different yarn.)

Please respond with a percentage of how often you use the yarn specified in the pattern (or you can say “5 times out of 10” or similar if you prefer to think about it that way.)  You may include more specific details if you would like, but a percentage will suffice.

As a sub-question:  Are you annoyed when you come across a pattern where the yarn is no longer available?  Does this keep you from knitting the pattern, or do you go find an acceptable substitute?

Everybody (that knits) please answer this one!  Thanks!  😀


3 Responses to Mid-Week Poll

  1. jules says:

    I do use the yarn it says usually. Only because its easier to get the stuff it says rather than finding an alternative. So, I’d say 90% of the time i use what it says.

    Yeah, it is annoying when you find the yarn you want to use is discontinued, especially if the pattern is in a mag thats just come out!

  2. ESC says:

    unless I’m ordering yarn from knitpicks for specific knitpicks patterns, I almost NEVER use the prescribed yarn. Mostly for cost purposes, but also in a “hey I have this yarn that is really cool so what can I do with it?” method.

    See: everything I’ve done for the past several months.

  3. a nut says:

    I almost never use the prescribed yarn either. I’d put it at 5% that I use the yarn I’m supposed to mainly because I knit a lot of shawls, wraps and scarves that don’t necessarily need to get gauge so I don’t care. Of course, knitting sweaters is totally different and this shrug I’m knitting for my friend will most likely challenge me on the gauge issue.

    As for the subquestion: nope. I just find something else I like. I love knitting because it allows me to get creative with the yarns I choose and sometimes the patterns, too.

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