Yarn P*rn

So I went yarn shopping with a friend today, and since I bought yarn, I had to finish the iPod cozy so I can start using the new yarn. (Since all I had left was seaming anyway…) So here are the pretty photos for your viewing pleasure.

iPod nano cozy. For the etsy store, I guess…

This first set of yarn will be for a large scarf like this:
and so on. Not sure how many rows each yet, but that’s the general plan.

This yarn is for another scarf, and if I had to guess, I’d say it will be k1p1 with vertical stripes, but I think I will start the other one first, so I might change my mind in the meantime.


2 Responses to Yarn P*rn

  1. ESC says:

    wow, that’s REALLY pretty!

    did you buy anything ELSE today? hmmmmm??? 😀

  2. madstitcher says:

    That looks lovely. Wish I could have gone with you both! Next time, give me more notice, ok?

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