February 3, 2007

I had a couple requests for a photo, so here you are! Once I finish the current stripe, I’ll be about half-way done 😀

I used to really hate circular needles because the metal parts are so short, but I seem to have gotten over it. I randomly decided to try them on this project and it’s going pretty well.


Yarn P*rn

January 26, 2007

So I went yarn shopping with a friend today, and since I bought yarn, I had to finish the iPod cozy so I can start using the new yarn. (Since all I had left was seaming anyway…) So here are the pretty photos for your viewing pleasure.

iPod nano cozy. For the etsy store, I guess…

This first set of yarn will be for a large scarf like this:
and so on. Not sure how many rows each yet, but that’s the general plan.

This yarn is for another scarf, and if I had to guess, I’d say it will be k1p1 with vertical stripes, but I think I will start the other one first, so I might change my mind in the meantime.


January 16, 2007

I will gradually post old patterns here for your knitting enjoyment. So… Without further ado… From the days before I had a blog… I bring you…. Rocketman (the pattern)!

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January 15, 2007


Check it out, guys!! For once in my life I actually knit something straight and seamed it! You should all be proud of me! (Unless of course you know how to do herringbone stitch in the round, in which you should gloat (and then tell me how to do it!))


You guys really need to get on the ball about what to do about the leftover yarn!


January 13, 2007

I got some new yarn from an etsy shop and I’m not sure what to do with it.

It is “mercado” from luluandsnail.etsy.com. It is 125 yds / 2.7 oz (worsted weight), 85% wool / 15% mohair. Any ideas are very welcome!

Eye of Ra Tarot Bag

January 13, 2007

Today I finished a tarot bag for a friend. I think I will try submitting the pattern to ¡The AntiCraft!, so it won’t be available until that’s been decided.