iPod nano cozy knitting pattern

February 14, 2007

Hmmm, I seem to be getting a lot of search engine hits that include “iPod nano” and “knitting”, “pattern”, or something along those lines. So I guess I will post an iPod nano cozy pattern or two for your enjoyment soon. Apparently I need to knit more, as I hardly ever update this thing… I have bought some yarn recently, so you’ll probably hear about that once the rest of it comes in. (Be sure to remind me to make an original hat pattern using the new yarn so you guys will get another free pattern!)

What’s on my needles?


Yellow and Navy Scarf

January 30, 2007
Okay, so I’m not even remotely close to done with the green, brown, and white scarf (although I can tell you it is coming along beautifully (and soft!)), but I decided on a pattern for the yellow and navy scarf.

One reason I’m posting this is so you guys can see how much I alter patterns. :p

I’ve decided to use the Seaman’s Scarf pattern from Knit Picks, but with the following alterations:

  • Use navy and yellow worsted weight Cascade 220 instead of Cinnamon bulky Knit Picks Sierra
  • Use two strands instead of one (to account for the worsted-bulky difference)
  • Do the ends in yellow and the middle in navy
  • Make the middle longer (the original pattern is only 50″, plus I need about half to be yellow and half navy)
  • Work it in the round so there are no ugly garter stitch edges

Although I don’t know. I may go back to vertical stripes, or I may even change my mind yet again before I even get around to starting it. The only problem I foresee with my alterations is making the middle longer — the length the middle is in the original pattern is perfect for wrapping around your neck and then the cables start just after that. What do you think?